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Good news for Lyft drivers, Lyft drivers rating protection

In this video , i explain good news for Lyft Drivers. So Lyft made some good improvement on their platform for lyft drivers. Lyft have better rating protection for their drivers. What that means is that Lyft will required passengers to give a reason why they rate drivers less than 5 stars. This is great because as a driver when before this I will receive less than 5 stars and have no reason why.And more Lyft also will remove rating from passengers who frequently rate drivers low ratings.  I used to drive for Lyft. I had driven over 2200 passengers and my rating as 6/1/2019 is a 4.93 . I stop driving for lyft because I dislike their rating system for drivers . I decided to just wait till theres better improvements. I hope you find this video helpful please like, comment, and subscribe.

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