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Hello all I’m Pierre
I own a pick up truck and enclosed trailer(6x12).
A mini van and a hatchback hhr all insured.
I can deliver with just truck or with trailer.
Best way is to either text me, email or voicemail message.
Flat rates.
Rate starts at $50 minimum and up.
Moving a couch from Nashville to Murfreesboro probably be $100 flat. I factor in the miles.
But I don’t nickel and dime you, flat rates.
You get the idea. It’s just me no help.
I do lawn care , now business is slow I’m into delivery to make extra cash.
I deliver tires, store pick up, business to business delivery, business to residential, private deliveries, etc.
I deliver auto parts, light moving etc.
Save my name and number please.
Possible available for other gigs too.
I have license and insurance. Good and clear background.
I can go out of states. Thank You
Some junk hauling I may do.



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